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RedFishGalleryLLC Northern Neck, Virginia



Get to know RedFish Gallery!
If there was a dating app for art galleries, our bio would read:

Vibrant, unique, small-but-mighty gallery showcasing fun, funky, fabulous art seeks like-minded adventurers. No stuffed shirts, pompous windbags, or art-scene snobs, please. 

Open to long-term & casual relationships. Must care about helping others: profits support local communities through

The Heart Channels


Respond in person . . . 

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Thursday-Saturday 11:30-5:00 

Sunday 11:30-3:00 

Or call for an appointment
804 480-4418


Note that signage has not all been installed yet, but we are next to Vine and the entrance is to the right of the picket fence where the "81" is. If the little red car is there, we are open.
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