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The Story behind "Not So Skinny Blues"


In 1980, I wrote the original music and lyrics to "The Lack of Skinny Blues" when I moved to Connecticut and my wonderful friend Cheryl introduced me to calzones and I had my first cannoli on Wooster St. in New Haven. I was helplessly involved in my first food affair and I gained about 30 pounds in under three months. The song was born.


In ~1989, I decided to try and get the song published. I have always loved Bette Midler and thought she would be perfect for the song so I started plotting and planning. First, I recorded the song. Then i bought front row seats from a scalper at the concert, hurled the cassette tape up on stage and almost hit her. It got her attention and she picked it up. It had a note wrapped around it and she read a little, made a few comments and put the cassette on the piano.  She never called me as I had hoped so I went to plan B.


Plan B consisted of a direct marketing blitz to the Divine Miss M, that involved dry ice. I put together 5 packages that were filled with chocolates, other sweet temptations, the cassette and a letter. The dry ice kept the chocolate from melting and it was also an attention getter. I send packages to All Girl Production, Atlantic Records and other potential Bette Midler touch points. I got a call back from someone at Atlantic but it did not go anywhere. Bette, if you are reading this, you are still my absolute, number one choice to sing this song ☺


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